About Us


Ruby International has the most advanced technology in the international moving business which equates to a better moving experience.

From the outset, You, the transferee is at the top of our priority list.

We are committed to ultimate efficiency which starts at the core of our business.  

We provide you with and address all moving documentation at the onset of your move.  This is mandatory to ensure you are updated with the most recent customs regulations and have all documentation required for the most seamless transition to your final destination.

We have focused on creating a robust platform that keeps Ruby International personnel and on point for every assignment throughout your relocation.  On average, one international move requires 40 steps to complete?  That’s just ONE move.  Now multiply it times thousands we handle yearly.  Our platform is completely customized to streamline the process for every move type. It ensures no stone is left unturned and that our promise of high level service delivery is met for every move.

At Ruby International, international moving has finally advanced into the 21st century. Our team is equipped to maximize efficiency.


Our Mission

At Ruby International, our top priority and main goal is to ensure that every move we service is successful with no worries.

We realize your move is one part of a larger shift in your life and we strive to assure your move is a success and a memorable experience.

We want you to focus your time on the reason for your move, which is your talent and not the move itself.

Our Moving Specialists are Elite

Having been in the international relocation industry for over 15 years with our management team having over 60 combined years of experience, we know this business inside and out. We know who to use. We know how to route. We understand adversity and are prepared to handle even the most unique situation.

Our Specialists are Equipped

We have the most advanced platform and a worldwide network of agents to complete, any international move, any place at any time.

Our Specialists are Accountable

We are the beginning, and we are at the end of the line. Critical steps are never delegated to others.

We’re involved in every facet of the move, from the start all the way through to completion.


About Pricing

Elite Service at Competitive Rates

We are competitive without sacrificing service.

Competition amongst international relocation companies is great. Some offer advantages due to their volume for certain lanes, some sacrifice transit time, many sell themselves short with the idea of making it up somewhere else.

Ruby International wins through efficiency, knowledge and volumes.

From our beginning, our efforts went into developing the highest performance international moving team. This is the only way we can compete while delivering best in class service.

When working with Ruby International, you have access to an elite moving experience at very competitive rates.

If the bidding process is your method of containing costs, or if you want to exercise a different solution more fitting for your personal needs or the needs of your employees, Ruby International is prepared to exceed your expectations.

We are flexible and want to meet your individual requirements. 

About Us

We are an international moving company

Our Mission

At Ruby International, our top priority and main goal is to ensure that every move we service is successful with no worries.

Our Technology

Ruby International has the most advanced technology in the international moving business which equates to a better moving experience.

Elite service

Ruby International is able to provide competitive rates through volume advantages, efficiency and knowledge of our industry and business.

Our Testimonials

Satisfied People’s Say About Our Service

Our salesperson was very professional and provided information that no other company provided which made the customs process easy. Our furniture was delivered yesterday. The movers were professional, hardworking and paid attention to detail. Our furniture was well-wrapped and protected. Nothing damaged. We are very happy and highly recommend Ruby International.

Steven Padilla


Ruby scheduled, quickly, gave me a great price and showed up on time. Their movers were clean, respectful, careful and quick. They dealt with my condo and sent all the necessary paperwork. It was seamless and easy for me. They are competitive in their pricing and frankly, I never need to use anyone else. I highly recommend them.

Yvette Taché


Three months ago I decided to return to my country of Origin Colombia, I was contacted by this company. During the process I was assisted by the specialist advisor in Colombia, in reality this caught my attention since they have a professional for each country, this guaranteed me that the process was clearer and more orderly. I am happy in my home in Medellin, things arrived in a month and a week. They complied with the time and despite the strike, my things arrived well and complete. I thank you that this whole process was excellent.

Paola Jimenez


I just want to inform you that we received Laurens boxes in good order yesterday. Thank you so much for the great service. I really appreciate your prompt reply to all my questions ;).

Bettina Traas